When I fell in love with a Youtuber

Teen again?

Who would believe it! Me, in my 30’s, writing to a Youtuber (who’s the same age): “I love your voice” “I only want to listen to you” … I mean, What was I thinking? Am I 16 years old? Man, I felt so stupid!

First of all:

1. No, he’s not a “Brad Pitt”, I mean, he’s handsome but there are much cuter men out there.

2. He’s an european guy, who doesn’t speak my language, his personality is very opposite to mine, he’s got millions of followers and I’m just another more lost comment among the crowd that he’s never going to read.

3. And… I don’t know, I fell in love with a character, an ilusion, because I’m never really going to meet him, watching videos it’s not the way you meet someone.

(About 3 or 4 years ago, I started to watch some latin american youtubers whose topics were about travel and cultures, and I remember writing them like congratulations, but nothing as impulsive as what I mentioned earlier.)

Then, as I watched his videos, one after the other, like a marathon of a TV series, he made a religious joke on one of them, and man that infuriated me and I used that as an excuse to end the relationship. So, in an outburst of shame, I deleted all my comments, unsubscribed from his channel and social media and I thought: “I’m fine”. Ha! just a day after that, I started thinking of him more and missing him like when you break up with your boyfriend and I was: What’s happening to me? This is ridiculous!

Many days have passed and I’m no longer in love with him but I have to admit that I subscribed to his channel again and to his social media and I watch his videos every day, I read his comments and I have fun relaxingly! If there’s something I don’t like I give him a dislike, but if I do like it I give him a like and sometimes I leave a comment but I make sure it’s a mature one.

Well, what do you think? Maybe I went through a second adolescence? Haha, I don’t know, but this happened to me in my 30's.

PSD: I’m very respectful of all kinds of religions and in my opinion, I don’t think it’s a subject for jokes. Thanks.

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