I grew up in a Christian family. My mom and my dad got married in a Christian Church they met 45 years ago and we’ve all been there ever since. I remember when I was a kid, we celebrated every holiday: Halloween, Christmas, Independence day and the Candles day or…

Teen again?

Who would believe it! Me, in my 30’s, writing to a Youtuber (who’s the same age): “I love your voice” “I only want to listen to you” … I mean, What was I thinking? Am I 16 years old? Man, I felt so stupid!

First of all:


Writing a Blog about my life!

Hi everyone! I’m 31 years old, I’m from Colombia and I’m learning english. Currently I’m starting B1 level and I’m really excited!! There are many things I want to share with somebody and unfortunately I don’t have any friends available. So I decided to write for the world, practice my English and free my mind a little bit.

I will wait for you in my next story! “See” you there! … oh and please, be nice with my writing, remember, I’m still learning! Thanks.

Astrid Nogal

Colombian woman in her 30's, sensitive, kind, analytical and artistic. Still learning english. Read me to know more...

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